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Uncategorized6 Things no One Ever Tells You About Trekking in Nepal

adminDiciembre 21, 2017

There are so many thing you should know about the trek, some of them are not necessarily shared, so I decided to write down my experience.

I did the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, but my tips are pretty much applicable for any trekking in Nepal actually.

Nepal was always something mysterious and inviting for me. I was charmed looking at the pictures of the mountains and always wanted to go trekking there.

Not only that, but the trek can be muddy and full of leeches. Transport delays are common during the rainy season too. Convinced? So when is the rain season?

May to August is the monsoon season.  While you can be lucky with the weather, the chances are high that time it will rain a lot.  I visited in the end of May, and we were not lucky, but you might be!

October to December is the best season to visit the hilly regions, because the weather is clear and cool.

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