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So why not make the great escape? Read on to learn more about five exotic beach destinations that are certainly worth skipping town for.

The Maldives, a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, is actually made of coral reefs and sandbars. It’s home to picture-perfect beaches, lagoons and a 17th-century mosque made of white coral.

Veligandu Island Beach is one of the most popular beaches among travelers. Picture that quintessential tropical scene of people lounging in hammocks, tropical drinks in hand – and you’ve got this beach.

The Seychelles archipelago is an exotic destination full of coral reefs, tropical nature reserves, wildlife (including the Aldabra Tortoise) and of course, stunning beaches. Made up of 115 islands off East Africa, there’s no shortage of tropical experiences here.

The island of Mahé, Praslin is a beachgoers’ dream, boasting 65 pristine beaches and enough restaurants, cafés, and bars to keep you busy at night. Explore the island by land or by sea with a boat tour!

 Brazil is a beautiful country, and when you’re searching for paradise, Bai do Sancho (also called Prai do Sancho) is the spot. This natural secluded beach is off the beaten path and only accessible from land via steep, narrow ladders. It’s often listed as one of the best beaches in the world,  and for good reason – with dramatic cliffs, lush greenery, exotic wildlife and crystal clear water. To explore the area by sea, check out this swim and dolphin-watch boating experience.

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