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Mother Nature has you covered! And with millions of bookable tours and attractions in destinations all around the globe, TripAdvisor makes it easy to turn any travel adventure into the experience of a lifetime.

There are few natural attractions as aptly named as the Great Blue Hole — a gigantic circle of deep blue water plunging into the Caribbean Sea. Located in the Lighthouse Reef, just off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is believed to be the largest underwater sinkhole in the world and has fast become a bucket list favorite for adventurous scuba divers. But you don’t have to dive into the deep to experience the magnitude of the UNESCO-listed wonder— for the most incredible views soar over the Great Blue Hole in a helicopter and enjoy a dazzling aerial view.

No TV, no problem – the Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa is all about passing time naturally in its otherworldly paradise of lush rainforest and crystal-clear sea. With luxe floating bungalows encircling a private azure lagoon (perfect for kayaking) and a swim-up bar (perfect for sundown cocktails), your escape into all things perfectly tropical awaits.

When you visit Jamaica Inn, you’re getting front-row seats (or well, lounge chairs) to one of Jamaica’s premier private beaches, Ocho Rios. The Traveler’s Choice-winning hotel offers complimentary beach activities like kayaking, sunfish sailing and snorkeling – and back on shore, its doting beach staff is more than happy to hand-deliver rum punch(es!) right to your spot in the sand.

Sure, you can go horseback riding, kayaking or swimming with whales (yes, whales) at the Kingdom of Tonga’s Sandy Beach Resort. But you can also just grab a book from the resort library, stretch out on the pristine sandy beach, and lose yourself to the sights and sounds of this Southern Pacific paradise.

OBJETIVOS Ofrecer una programación que permita a los oyentes estar al día en materia de medicina natural, informativo, facilitando a los anunciantes una alternativa de comunicación comercial insertada en una programación variada que permita aplicar los elementos y recursos para ser exitosa desde el punto de vista en conociemiento y social, creando un posicionamiento alternativo, unido a los conceptos de calidad, progreso, productividad…

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