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UncategorizedThe Best 7 Fire Pits for Camping on the Go

adminAgosto 25, 2017

There’s nothing like a fire pit to help you make the most of an outdoor space on a cool summer night or keep things comfortable into the fall. While you can build your own or install something more permanent, a portable fire pit may be the way to go if you’re prone to camping.

Here are seven fire pits that should meet anyone’s needs, whether you want something super portable, gas or wood-burning, or low or high-end.

It one of the most expensive options, but the Kickstarter-funded Solo Stove Bonfire is one of the more unique portable fire pits available. That uniqueness is due to the unit’s internal design as much as its outward appearance, which promises to both increase its wood-burning efficiency and cut down on the amount of smoke.

If you’re looking to keep things simple and straightforward, it doesn’t get much more traditional than this fire pit from Landmann. It’s one of the better-reviewed pits among Amazon customers, a number of whom note that it’s easy to assemble and deep enough to easily get a good fire going. A pair of handles add a bit to its portability, but they’re likely best used for moving from the yard to patio than lugging on camping trips.

If convenience is your top concern, it’s tough to beat a gas-burning fire pit like this one form Heininger. Just add a propane tank (a hose and regulator is included), turn it on, and you’ll be toasting marshmallows in no time. That also means it’ll burn cleaner than a wood-burning fire pit and, at 19-inches in diameter and around 20 pounds, it’s more than portable enough to toss in your trunk and take with you on a road trip.

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