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UncategorizedThe Ultimate Khao Sok National Park Guide

adminMarzo 29, 2017

See local people wash themselves in the river, spot wild monkeys playing in the trees and look into the river sometimes to see the all the colorful fish swimming around your boat. The river is quiet, this is a relaxing kayak tour, a guide will paddle for you so sit back, relax and keep your camera ready.

A cooking class in Thailand on a jungle surrounded location. Arrange a cooking class with a Thai local family and learn how to cook the most delicious and authentic dishes. You will be amazed by the decoration skills of the lovely lady. After the cooking class, it’s time to taste what you’ve made. Enjoy!

This Elephant Experience is all about taking care of ‘one’ really old, friendly elephant. He was from a working camp and now lives with a family that takes care of him. Cook a great meal for him and feed him his lunch afterward.  After his lunch and mud bath, follow him to his nature pool and give him a good scrub.

Tip for all elephant camps: Please never sit on them even though the Mahoot says you can. Just give him a nice scrub and cuddle.

OBJETIVOS Ofrecer una programación que permita a los oyentes estar al día en materia de medicina natural, informativo, facilitando a los anunciantes una alternativa de comunicación comercial insertada en una programación variada que permita aplicar los elementos y recursos para ser exitosa desde el punto de vista en conociemiento y social, creando un posicionamiento alternativo, unido a los conceptos de calidad, progreso, productividad…

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