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UncategorizedWhere to Find The Best Free Street Art in San Francisco

adminSeptiembre 28, 2017

San Francisco is a colourful city, besides doing all the touristy things, there is a lot of art to be seen along the streets throughout the city. For the graffiti and mural lovers, here are a couple of hotspots to see street art in San Francisco.

Here’s a helpful Google Map where I’ve marked out all the spots in this particular post, useful if you are going to be walking those streets. You can also use Google street view to check out the lanes even if you aren’t going to be in San Francisco anytime soon – the works may be ever changing but it gives you a sense of the areas to check out. San Francisco Mural Arts is also a pretty good resource.

Haight and Ashbury is apparently the birthplace of San Francisco’s hippie free-spirited culture back in the 70’s. Today, Haight street still retains some of this flair – there are a surprising number of ‘Tibetan’ or shops tinged with some sort of mysticism amidst the increasing number of hipster mainstream shops and food outlets. You can find various artworks in the stretch from the junctions of Stanyan Street to Central Avenue where the shops are – the rest of Haight street from Buena Vista park and beyond is mostly residential with no art work on the walls.

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